This is an artistic piece to highlight the different names of the full moon. These names originated within the Algonquin language region (New England to the Great Lakes area) where some of the earliest names were translated. After research and conversations with indigenous identifying persons we wanted to honor the memory of these origins and of the indigenous community while also keeping the film accessible as a starting point into this important tradition for people who are unaware of this cycle of the moon.

Michael Mitchell: Director | Animator
Ali Houraibi: Producer | Editor

Jane Vega: Concept Art | Character Designer 
Early Drafts for September (Harvest Moon), October (Hunter Moon), April (Pink Moon) and August (Sturgeon Moon). 
Rough animations for March, September and October Full Moons 
Color test for different moons to represent the seasons in order Left to Right, Up to Down: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Rough Animation by Director Michael Mitchell
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